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We know that pregnancy during a global pandemic is not the same. We miss dearly having multiple generations of friends and family joining you for a glimpse of baby developing, or waving, or to lend you support if you need it.

We know that with the current travel restrictions, it's not always possible to travel overseas to see your fertility consultant for a scan. And even without the latest rounds of COVID-19 restrictions, we know that for many of our families, your partners, family and friends may not live local, or even in the same country; we fully support our families that are members of the British Armed Forces.

Imagine if you could have your scan in the safety of our scan centre, but allow your family and friends, or even your clinician, join your scan from their computer or mobile device, live, real-time, as it happens?

Imagine finding out your baby's gender, watching the screen to see you're having a boy or girl, and receiving that call or text with congratulations from your brother or sister, sharing in the excitement of your news, as it happens.

Imagine your fertility consultant watching your scan in real-time and full resolution, able to provide you with a plan for your treatment directly as a result.

Introducing, Your Baby Scan Live!

Your Baby Scan Live allows your guests to logon to our secure "Live" webpage with your own unique password to only be able to view your scan as it is taking place. Whether your guest lives next door to you, or they live in Australia, as long as they have a suitably stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device and a web browser then they can login and view your scan as it is  happening, from the safety of their own home.

Continuing to innovate, delivering a first class service, and provide the safest service, we're proud to be first and only scan centre to be able to offer this service in the UK. Whats more, our service is completely private, run through our own servers, and does not use public services such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Zoom or Vimeo to deliver it, meaning that your data is kept safe and secure.

What's more, we want your friends and family to join in your experience, to be there for you, its part of Making Memories and therefore whilst COVID-19 restrictions remain in place by the UK Government preventing your family from joining you in person, Your Baby Scan Live will be available for completely free of charge.

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