Multi-Award Winning Pregnancy Ultrasound for St Helens

Your Baby Scan offers the best ultrasound experience for expectant mums in St. Helens via our nearby clinic on Birchfield Road in Widnes (near to Widnes Railway Station). Using the latest technology and newest equipment from Sonoscape, we can provide scans from early reassurance at 7 weeks throughout pregnancy to gender determination, and in later pregnancy 3D/4D Bonding Scans and Presentation Scans.

Our scan centre in Widnes is easy to reach from St. Helens just 15 minutes down the A557 Link way to Rainhill Stoops Junction of M62, head towards Warrington on Liverpool Rd, and turn right at the cross roads. At the next T-junction, turn right, and then left at the roundabout onto Birchfield Rd. Our clinic is on the right hand side immediately after going over the bridge at Widnes Railway Station.

We use only fully qualified HCPC registered sonographers, with specialist Internal (Transvaginal), 2D (Convex) and 4D (Volumetric) probes ensuring unmatched image quality and accuracy at any stage of your pregnancy. All of our scans are first and foremost for the purpose of checking baby's wellbeing and providing pregnant parents with reassurance that baby is growing at a normal rate, and providing both visual and (where possible) audible confirmation of baby's heartbeat. Once wellbeing checks are completed, we use the remaining time to guide you around your baby, helping you to get to know them better, checking their sex for you, and showing you their facial features in High-Definition 3D/4D (at no extra charge) on our large screen so that you can really bond.

We ensure that our scans are performed safely and accurately using sonographers that are experienced at giving you good and sound advice at the right stages of pregnancy. Early Reassurance Scans are available from 7 weeks as this is when there is enough for pregnant parents to see to get the reassurance that they seek. Whilst we do offer Pregnancy Viability Scans from 5 weeks onwards, these require an internal scan to get a good clear image that a sonographer can see and understand, but these do not generally provide that reassurance that parents regularly seek.

Our Widnes clinic has been open for more than 6 years now, and has been given not one but two awards this year 'Best in Cheshire' and 'Best in the Northwest' which we are immensely proud of, and based on real customer reviews and feedback. During that time, we have served many pregnant families from throughout St. Helens including areas such as:

  • Newton-le-Willows
  • Earlestown
  • Haydock
  • Eccleston
  • Thatto Heath
  • Sutton
  • Parr
  • Haresfinch
  • Moss Bank

Each coming back to us time and time again as we continue to offer the best value for money, and the best service with our standard package being a 30 minute appointment ensuring you are not rushed during your visit to our clinics, even on our busiest of days.

Exclusively at our clinics, we offer Your Baby Scan Live, the opportunity to share your scan experience in real-time, privately, with anyone that you choose, friends, family or clinician, anywhere in the world and helping to keep everyone as safe as possible during your visit.

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Widnes Scan Centre

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