Scan Packages

Scan types

The following scan packages are available during pregnancy:

  • Early Reassurance Scan
    Suitable for seeing the developing fetus in early pregnancy, and providing reassurance.
  • Dating Scans
    Suitable for providing an estimate of the gestational age of the fetus, and providing an estimated due date at full term.
  • Gender Scans
    Suitable for identifying the gender of your baby. A wide range of gender reveal options are also available.
  • 3D/4D Bonding Scans
    Suitable from spending time watching your baby develop and grow, and getting to bond with your baby before they are born.
  • Presentation Scans
    Suitable for confirming the position of your baby, and providing a current fetal weight and estimated fetal weight at full term.


Extra Large Prints


Our Extra Large Glossy prints are more than 4x the size that you receive at your NHS appointment and 2x the size of most private scan centres. Some prints are included in Standard and Premium packages but extras can be bought after your scan for any package

Gender Reveal Balloon


Large black, helium filled balloon containing pink or blue confetti. Suitable to be popped on day of purchase only

Gender Reveal Cannon


Explosive cannon containing pink or blue confetti, simply twist to explose. Alternative to a balloon where your reveal is not on the same day as your scan.

Balloon in a Box


Coloured helium filled balloons in a box. Open the box for the coloured balloon to float out revealing your baby's gender

Gender Reveal Bear


A large 16" gender coloured heartbeat bear hidden inside a gift box to open and reveal the gender of your baby

Gender Reveal Fireworks


Multi-shot gender reveal firework. The packaging has been specially prepared to hide the gender. Light fuse, step back and fill the night sky with streams of pink or blue. Additional limitations for collection apply

HD iLive


Our High-Definition option can be added to 3D/4D Bonding Scans to add additional realism to your 3D images. Included in Standard and Premium packages.

Framed Scan Prints

£5.99 - £8.99

Various frames available, all frames include a print of your choice. Subject to availability.

Heartbeat Bear


A large 16" heartbeat bear from our wide selection, with your baby's heartbeat recorded inside. Gift box available for £3 extra.

DVD Video


Add a video of everything that you see on our large screen during your scan, to play back on your DVD player or computer when you get back home. Our Premium package includes a DVD Video at no extra charge

Online Photo Locker


Get access to all of your images from your scan, in their original quality to download securely and print at home. Standard and Premium packages include our Online Photo Locker at no extra charge

Strep B Testing Kit


GBS can be life threatening if untreated. This easy to use home kit can be used from 35 weeks onwards with the results delivered within a few days, and where appropriate shared with medical professionals such as your midwife so that you and your baby can receive the necessary anti-biotics during and after labour.

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