Halton Business Awards

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Halton Awards Evening

Halton Business awards 2022
So we were nominated a few months ago for 2 categories, customer commitment and family business. The application process was so hard, and they wanted to know everything about us. We are a small family run business, Me and Kurt, and our kids Sean, Luke, Ethan and even now Cody wants to get involved with “baby scan shop.” Its always been my mission to provide good quality care in an affordable way. I’ve been brought up in family business so it runs in my blood. My mum and dad both had a market stall before I was born, and I started on Widnes market with Dad around 11-12. Early mornings and unpacking and packing, were not my favourite thing to do, but providing a service to meet peoples needs and purchasing and sourcing stock was. I would always get a cheeky treat. Business is hard, its not like a normal 9-5 its around the clock. Even when we went away for a family holiday last week, I found myself at the beach and pool replying to emails, messages and dealing with things. So when we were nominated for the awards it was such an exciting time.
A few weeks ago we got the email to say we had been shortlisted into both of the categories, and we were up against some other amazing companies too. We were offered 2 tickets to the awards and told it was dress to impress. I booked my hair with Kathryn at Crème De La Crème on Widnes market and started to look for something to wear. 3 days before I decided I didn’t like the dresses I had, and went to find a purple something online, I found something on Ebay and at £12 it was a steal DKNY dress in our colours, Perfect! It arrived just in time and the night came. #
We were sat with other local businesses including Sams Diamonds and the Castle Pub in Runcorn. There were so many other inspiring businesses too. It was lucky that we were not in the same categories. Our awards were 3rd to last and last. We had a beautiful 3 course meal and wine at the stadium in Widnes. Pate to start, beef roast dinner, and my favourite some chocolate cake. YUM! Then it was awards time. We weren’t feeling hopeful for either of them to be honest but just happy to have been recognised to have been shortlisted. Our category came up and we weren’t chosen. The last award was the customer commitment award, me and Kurt weren’t paying much attention because we didn’t think we had a chance, when they called our name it was just an amazing feeling. We both turned to each other with mouths wide open! And went up to collect our award. We had some pics, and were interviewed too. Although I was so shocked im sure it was just waffle, plus I had had a wine or 2 (who’s idea was it to leave me until last haha).
It was such an AMAZING night and now we have our 4th trophy and award to go into the clinic.
Its thanks to all of our team, both past and present. We all work so hard and although we have lots of down moments we also have some MASSIVE UP moments too. So big thank you to all of our staff and patients we love you all.

Much Love Danielle x


Accepting our award Sponsored by Redrow Homes

Accepting our award Sponsored by Redrow Homes

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