Very Important Pregnancy

We know how important your pregnancy journey is, and how reassuring it can be to see your baby at various stages throughout your pregnancy. Book 3 scans for use throughout your pregnancy and save money too. 

Save £71, only £149 total when booked as our Premium VIP Package.

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Very Important Pregnancy

What is this scan for?

Our VIP package includes 3 scans for use throughout your pregnancy starting with your dating scan with an incredible discount, and some additional extras thrown in for good measure to make sure you have one less worry during your pregnancy journey and enjoy seeing your little one at every opportunity.

And for all of our scans:

  • No extra charge for twins
  • No extra charge for evening appointments
  • No extra charge for weekends
  • No extra charge for PPE

This package includes the following THREE scans as standard:

  • Dating Scan
  • 3D/4D Sexing Scan
  • 3D/4D Bonding Scan

Scans can be exchanged for similar scans at different stages in pregnancy, for example if you do not want to find out the sex of your baby. 

The full prices (and included extras) for each scan are shown below however, in addition to everything below Scan's 2 & 3 include an Online Video Locker too worth £10 each

Our unique Online Video Locker is a video of everything you see on the screen in the scan room, in full HD and keep safe in your online locker for 25 years!

Dating Scan

(Also known as a Gestation Age Determination)
Short 2D scan to determine the age of your developing baby, and provide you with an estimated due date. This service is often provided as part of your NHS care, but we acknowledge that NHS scans do not offer the opportunity for friends or family to attend your scan and join in the experience.
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What's included?

3D/4D Gender Scan

(Also known as a 3D/4D Sexing Scan)
Our Gender Scan is specifically to find out the gender of your baby from 16 weeks onwards. You have the opportunity to find out during the scan whether you're having a boy or girl, or choose to keep as a surprise, and add one of our gender reveal products on the day.
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What's included?

3D/4D Scan with HD

(Also known as a 4D Scan)
An amazing experience to meet your baby in 3D/4D on our extra large screen in amazing colour and clarity. During your scan we'll spend time to show you around baby in detail, helping you to see your baby in glorious 3D, 4D and even full HD. Our fully qualified and HCPC registered sonographers will explain exactly what you're seeing on screen, helping you to fully understand what you're seeing. If baby is in the wrong position, we'll give you time to move around to get baby into a better position, with a rescan available if they're not behaving on the day.
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What's included?

Get all of the scans above, plus Online Video Lockers for scans 2 & 3

Total value: £220

Book today for only £149 when you book online (£154 when booking via phone)


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