Early Reassurance Scans

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Scan time:10 minutes
Ideal time:7 - 16 weeks

Short 2D scan to confirm pregnancy and check the health of developing embryo and fetus at this early stage in pregnancy

As a mother myself I know how long pregnancy actually feels ... about a million years. The worst bit is between seeing that pink line flash up on that little stick and actually seeing your little bean on the screen at the hospital. Well here at Your baby scan we give you the opportunity to come along and see your little bean from as little as 7 weeks. What a great way to tell your nearest and dearest and to begin to watch your baby grow. 

Your scan will be in 2D which is the same as the black and white scan you get at 12 weeks at the hospital.

Included in your scan you will get around 10 minutes scan time, 2 large pictures and access to all of your images on our secure online locker which when your ready you can share with friends and family on social media or print them at your leisure. 

We don't use a trans-vaginal probe so in some cases we may not be able to see clearly which is why we suggest coming after 7 weeks. 




What do I need to do?

Come with a full bladder, we suggest you drink around 2 litres of clear fluid before you come to visit us for your scan (Don't worry we have toilets) and bring your loved ones with you.

What if you can't find a heartbeat?

Unfortunately in some cases this does happen. We will write a report and send you to your GP/Midwife or in some cases your local hospital.

What if you spot an abnormality?

As we are a non diagnostic centre we don't actively look for abnormalities but if we do spot something unusual then we will write a report and send you to your GP/Midwife. We do not replace your NHS scans/appointments so strongly recommend you keep up to date with these.