What's the difference between Basic and Standard?

At Your Baby Scan, for many years, we believed in offering a simple and straightforward price for all of our scans, that included most things that you may want to buy with your scan so that on the day of your visit, you could enjoy it without worrying about whether you'd have to buy prints on the day, or need to buy upgrades such as 3D/4D and HD iLive to really enjoy your scan. This was our standard package, and for many people was perfect.

As time went on, many of our competitors were offering 'Express' reassurance scans, and gender scans, which had scan times of as little as 1 minute. We believe that all of our scans should include at a minimum a wellbeing check of your baby, that this should include some basic measurements of your baby, and that these should be carried out accurately (and therefore only by a fully qualified sonographer) so we never could, or would, offer something so short. We did however have a lot of customers asking, could they have the standard package without all of the standard extras that included, because for them, they just wanted to check that baby was OK and didn't see prints and other items included in the standard package as important for them. So, we created our Basic Package (think of it as Express, or no-frills).

Read on for a description of each package and what it includes...

Basic Package (£55)

Our basic package is a short scan to check baby's wellbeing and gender, and is available from 7-21 weeks.

This is a 15-minute appointment, of which scan time is usually between 5-8 minutes.

During this scan, your sonographer will carry out some wellbeing checks including taking measurements of your baby, and measuring their heartrate, and if gender scan is selected (from 16 weeks onwards) they will determine baby's gender. Once these have been carried out, the scan will end as the objective of the scan has been achieved. 

The purpose of our basic package is not to capture keepsake images such as profile shots of baby, as a result, our online photo locker, and prints are not included with this package.

Prints and the online photo locker can be added during your visit if this is something you want to purchase extra on the day.

If during your visit you are much earlier than 7 weeks and there is a need for an internal scan to confirm the location of the gestational sac, you may be offered one. The cost of this is not included and may require you return for a scan later in the day to allow sufficient extra time for this to be performed properly, thoroughly and safely. The team will make a recommendation so that you can make an informed decision whether this is something that you would like.

Standard Package (£65)

Our standard package is our recommended package for any stage in pregnancy as it offers a more enjoyable experience and is available from 5 weeks (pregnancy viability scan) through to full-term.

This is a 30-minute appointment.

At Your Baby Scan, we ensure that your baby is safe during your scans as a result, the amount of scan time and features vary according to the gestational age of baby.

The following can be used as a guide:

Early Reassurance & Dating Scans
(Less than 16 weeks)

Gender Scans
(16 - 21 weeks)

3D/4D Bonding, 2D Reassurance and Presentation Scans
(21 weeks+)

  • Around 10-12 mins scan time
  • Internal scan included if needed
  • 2D (black and white) scan only
  • Visually confirm and measure baby's heartbeat, but not listen to it as we don't feel it is safe or good practice to at this stage
  • Around 15-18 mins of scan time
  • Largely 2D (black and white) scan, with a sneak peek of baby in 3D/4D
  • Visually confirm, measure and listen to baby's heartbeat using the loud speakers in the room.
  • Around 15-18 mins of scan time
  • Wellbeing checks in 2D (black and white)
  • 3D/4D included
  • HD iLive included
  • Visually confirm, measure and listen to baby's heartbeat

Our standard package includes all of the following items to take away with you on the day, all of which are not included with our basic package:

  • 2x Extra Large Glossy Prints
  • Secure Online Photo Locker
  • £45 Newborn Photoshoot Voucher with Award Winning Warrington Photography by Sarah Hough
  • Goodie Bag

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