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At Your Baby Scan we believe that pregnancy is an amazing and special experience, and that your ultrasound appointment shouldn't be any different. We believe that you and your partner, family and friends should share in a special experience meeting your baby, whether it's in the early stages of pregnancy to provide you with reassurance, determining the gender of your baby or bonding with them in 3D & 4D and HD and that it shouldn't cost the earth

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What do we do?

We are a private pregnancy ultrasound scan centre. We offer a range of reassurance scans from as early as 5 weeks, Gender confirmation from 16 weeks and 3D/4D from 21 weeks, with HD scanning as standard for all of our scans.

The primary purposes of all scans that we offer is to check your baby's wellbeing, whether this is an Early Reassurance Scan, Gender, Bonding or Presentation. Our wellbeing checks are performed by fully qualified HCPC registered sonographers to ensure that you are given good clinical advice. If we discover anything that needs to be followed up by your NHS Antenatal Clinical Care team, then our team of professionals will provide you with a full report documenting our observations during your scan and direction to the appropriate point of contact and pathway. 

We pride ourselves on offering a caring and conscientious, comfortable and relaxing experience. You will not be rushed at any stage of your visit, before your scan, during your scan or afterwards. We ensure that you get the full scan time that is included with your package, so that's plenty of time for you to bond with your little one, and take in their amazing development and growth. After your scan, we ensure you have lots of time and privacy to view your images, and select your prints to take home with you, whilst providing you with immediate online access to all of your pictures anywhere and anytime via our photo locker (included in most scans), making sharing your special experience with friends and family easy.

Didn't feel rushed or pressured, just relaxed in a lovely atmosphere. Emma Jones

Simple pricing

At Your Baby Scan we try our best to keep everything clear, simple and fair.

5 - 8 weeks

Early Confirmation Scan

(Also known as a Pregnancy Viability Scan)
A scan to confirm the location of the gestational sac, and embryo development. Scan will start as an abdominal scan, but includes an internal (transvaginal) scan if needed. Typical confirmation scans are less than 7 weeks and therefore the heartbeat cannot normally be visualised reliably at this stage of pregnancy.
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What's included?
7 weeks+

Early Reassurance Scan

(Also known as a Early Pregnancy Scan)
Short 2D scan (Black & White) to confirm pregnancy and check the health of developing embryo and fetus at this early stage in pregnancy. This scan offers an opportunity to view your developing baby before you've had your NHS Hospital appointment
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What's included?
6 weeks+

Early Gender Scan

(Also known as a SneakPeek Bloods + Scan)
Have a scan to confirm pregnancy and identify when you'll be 6 weeks+ (if you aren't already). We then arrange a SneakPeek Clinical blood test for the appropriate time to identify the sex of your baby for you*. Clinically proven to be 99.9% accurate. All scans are performed by a fully qualified HCPC registered sonographer, and bloods are taken by a qualified phlebotomist in a clinical environment to ensure no contamination with male DNA. *Blood test subject to availability of the phlebotomist and may not take place the same day. Results of SneakPeek Clinical Blood Test are typically available within 3 working days.
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What's included?
9-20 weeks

Dating Scan

(Also known as a Gestation Age Determination)
Short 2D scan to determine the age of your developing baby, and provide you with an estimated due date. This service is often provided as part of your NHS care, but we acknowledge that NHS scans do not offer the opportunity for friends or family to attend your scan and join in the experience.
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What's included?
16 weeks+

Express Gender Scan

(Also known as a Express Sexing Scan)
If you can't wait to find out the gender of your baby, but don't want a sneak peek in 3D/4D our Express Gender Scan may be perfect for you. This scan is a shorter version of our normal Gender Reveal Scan and so focuses solely on completing wellbeing checks and determining baby's gender. Given the limited amount of time available, there is less focus on getting nice profile shots of baby in 2D, or looking at them in 3D/4D.
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What's included?
16 weeks+

3D/4D Gender Scan

(Also known as a 3D/4D Sexing Scan)
Our Gender Scan is specifically to find out the gender of your baby from 16 weeks onwards. You have the opportunity to find out during the scan whether you're having a boy or girl, or choose to keep as a surprise, and add one of our gender reveal products on the day.
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What's included?
8 - 38 weeks

2D Reassurance Scan

(Also known as a 2D Bonding Scan)
Our 2D Reassurance Scan is intended for any time in pregnancy, not just in early pregnancy. This scan includes a thorough check over baby for wellbeing and peace of mind for you as well as a look around baby to show you how they're developing. Ideally suited to parents that are worried about baby and pregnancy developing as normal whilst not having any clinical symptoms and clinical reason to worry to give you reassurance that everything is developing normally.
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What's included?
21-31 weeks

3D/4D Scan with HD

(Also known as a 4D Scan)
An amazing experience to meet your baby in 3D/4D on our extra large screen in amazing colour and clarity. During your scan we'll spend time to show you around baby in detail, helping you to see your baby in glorious 3D, 4D and even full HD. Our fully qualified and HCPC registered sonographers will explain exactly what you're seeing on screen, helping you to fully understand what you're seeing. If baby is in the wrong position, we'll give you time to move around to get baby into a better position, with a rescan available if they're not behaving on the day.
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What's included?
21-31 Weeks

Making Memories

(Also known as a 4D Scan with Video)
Making Memories is our aim and goal at Your Baby Scan, and our Making Memories package is aimed at letting you keep those memories and take them home with you. In addition to everything included in our 3D/4D Bonding Scan package, our making memories package includes a full video recording of your entire scan, as you see it on the screen (every time you go into the scan room, if you go in multiple times during your visit). We'll add some nice background music to your video, and we'll be add it to your locker with your images where it will be available for 25 years where you can watch it online from any device with a web browser including an iPad and even your Smart TV, with the option to download as many copies as you like. If you don't have a Smart TV but your TV does have a USB port, our video is compatible to copy your video to a USB stick and plug it into your TV to watch back on the big screen too.
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What's included?
21-31 Weeks

Bond With Me

(Also known as a Bonding Scan)
Our Bond With Me package is all about you getting to know your little one and to bond with them before they have arrived but even after your scan has finised. It includes everything from our standard 3D/4D Bonding Scan package, with a video to watch back later and a keepsake bear containing a recording of your baby's heartbeat so you can watch and listen to your baby after your scan and get to bond with them like never before. Our range of keepsake bears is subject to availability on the day, and includes both gender coloured bears, and also gender neutral bears and animals for those who want to keep the gender of their baby as a surprise until they're born.
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What's included?
31 weeks+

Presentation Scan

(Also known as a Growth Scan)
We know that the last few months of pregnancy can drag with no planned NHS scans and baby getting heavier by the day. Our presentation scan is suitable from 31 weeks onwards and is specifically for checking baby's position (presentation). During your scan, we'll check baby is continuing to develop as normal, as well as checking their position and measuring their current weight so that we can predict their weight if they're born at full term. If baby is in a good position on the day, we'll still even take a look at baby in 3D/4D (we wouldn't want to miss the opportunity). 
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What's included?
9 weeks

VIP Package

(Also known as a Very Important Pregnancy)
Our VIP package includes 3 scans for use throughout your pregnancy starting with your dating scan with an incredible discount, and some additional extras thrown in for good measure to make sure you have one less worry during your pregnancy journey and enjoy seeing your little one at every opportunity.
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What's included?

Finally, if you would like a little extra, something particularly special for your scan experience, then our premium package offers you even longer to spend looking at your developing baby. Highly recommended for twins to allow you to spend longer looking at each twin, our premium package includes additional prints, all of your images from your scan, and a full video of everything that you see on the screen during your scan. In addition, our premium package includes Face+ guaranteeing you images of your baby's face - and if your baby isn't in the right position on the day, come back and try again at no extra charge when they've had chance to have a wiggle.


We lead. We dare to be different. Better.

When we opened in 2015, we offered a number of firsts and a unique approach to the entire experience, some in our region, some in the UK, some worldwide!

  • We offered lots as standard, dispensing with the pressured selling culture
  • Whilst many scan centres were offering CD-ROMs and USBs with images captured during your scan at a premium, which easily get lost, we offered a modern and innovative way to access your images online through our very own online photo locker - the first to offer such as service. 
  • We offered tea and coffee on arrival, and complimentary soft drinks and sweets when baby needed it instead of sending you to the shop in the rain.
  • We provide umbrellas if you do need to take a walk so that you don't get wet.
  • We record the footage of every single scan, so that if you decide you want the video afterwards, even weeks later, then you can still get a copy - no need to pay for another scan.
  • Our prints are an extra large 6" x 8" (A5) full glossy photo quality

Since then, we've continued to innovate, with simple online bookings and Digital Video Downloads as an option (as your iPad doesn't have a USB port or a DVD drive), and in the not too distant future, we'll be able to live stream your scan, securely, anywhere in the world to your friends and family or even your clinician in real-time, so they can view your scan or find out your baby's gender with you, no matter what timezone they live in. 

Is Ultrasound harmful?

There is currently no evidence to suggest that ultrasound (including 4D Bonding Scans)  are harmful, however, it is important that you have all of the facts about the risks associated with the procedure before coming to your decision on the matter. In general, it's recommended for good measure to keep your scan times to a minimum, and that this is particularly during the early stages of pregnancy, for this reason, we will end scans during the very early stages of pregnancy once we have been able to provide you with the reassurance that you seek.

The following links will help:

Public Health England guidance

NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme

Care Quality Commission (CQC) - Choosing a baby scanning service

British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS)

EFSUMB – European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology

Whether you choose to have a scan with us or not, it is essential that you keep your NHS Ultrasound appointments. 


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